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Kindergarten Readiness: What Parents Can Do?

Kindergarten Readiness: What Parents Can Do?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - December 19th, 2013

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If you think it’s only your child who should be worried about kindergarten readiness, think again. As parents, you have a bigger responsibility. Children are not completely aware of the importance of taking kindergarten test or its implications to their life but you do. As a matter of fact, parents are more nervous than their children during kindergarten testing. Your child shouldn’t know how important this test is, just that they need to do their best. If you emphasize this test too much for children, they can get anxious about taking this test, or even about test taking in general!

There’s so much you can contribute to your child’s kindergarten readiness. For starters, you can conduct regular practice using appropriate review materials. This is an effective way to expose your child to kindergarten testing and give him or her an idea of what will come out in the test. You can check websites such as this one for samples of kindergarten test.

Aside from preparing your child academically, you should also prepare him or her emotionally. Now this is more important than simply giving him or her a kindergarten test to work on during your review. As a parent, you have to show your unwavering support to your child. Never show your disappointment in case he or she gets the wrong answer during your kindergarten test practices. Instead, provide encouragement at all times and make him or her understand the value of getting the right answers.

Kindergarten readiness is vital for you and your child so make sure you do your part well. Always be there for your child, show that you care, and how it will mean a lot to all of you for him or her to perform well in the kindergarten test.

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