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Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - August 2nd, 2016

How Important is Kindergarten Readiness?

Kindergarten Readiness

Perhaps you’re wondering if kindergarten readiness is necessary before you let your 5-year old enroll in a class. The truth is it is very important. Time and again, education experts are firm in their stand that kindergarten readiness must be observed especially by parents.

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How Do I Know if My Child is Ready?

Children must be well prepared before they enter kindergarten and one way to determine whether or not they’re ready is by letting them take kindergarten readiness tests. Many schools conduct kindergarten testing before the opening of classes to find out how ready your child is. The results are very effective and reliable.

Parents Can See It Best!

Experts believe that a child learns best if he or she is ready, which is why kindergarten readiness must be observed. Aside from taking kindergarten testing, you as parents can also tell how ready your child is for kindergarten.

The Telltale Signs

There are numerous telltale signs which you can observe in your child such as growing interest in arts and crafts, numbers, letters, and other school-related activities. Identifying these traits and seeing if your child has any is a great first step to get him or her ready for kindergarten. You can see the full checklist at

What About Social Readiness?

Kindergarten readiness also covers how ready your child is emotionally and socially. It’s vital that your child knows how to adapt to the school environment, mingle well with other children, and can handle being away from you. Having social skills and knowing how to interact with other children will make your child much better prepared to enter the real world and deal with all different sorts of personalities.

Steps to Success

Once your child is ready for kindergarten, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is for him or her to learn everything they study in the classroom. Take the first steps to make sure that your kindergarten age child is ready!

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