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Levels of the NNAT ®-2 Test

Levels of the NNAT ®-2 Test

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - February 6th, 2015

Parents looking to find out the levels of the NNAT ®-2 test or Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test® aren’t sure what they’re up against. Many think it’s a test that measures the same skills they learn in school. Others think it’s a test that will measure their kids’ reading abilities or math skills. Let’s face it: the name NNAT test isn’t especially descriptive, so it’s easy to misunderstand what will be on the test.

The reality is that the NNAT test measures kids’ reasoning abilities. Instead of containing verbal questions like many other tests of its type, the NNAT test is comprised of nonverbal questions that are image-based. This makes it ideal for students who don’t speak English as their first language, or who are better at visual-spatial type questions than verbal tests.

The NNAT test is often used as a qualifier for entry to Gifted and Talented or other elite, advanced programs. The test comprises a large part of the NYC G&T test, along with the OLSAT test. There are other districts that combine the test with another exam, and still other districts use the test as the sole entry criterion.

The NNAT test is split into levels that correspond with a child’s grade level. Here are the levels of the NNAT test that correspond to each grade level:

  • Level A: Kindergarten
  • Level B: 1st grade
  • Level C: 2nd grade
  • Level D: 3rd-4th grade
  • Level E: 5th-6th
  • Level F: 7th-9th

The test is difficult and in many areas quite competitive, so it’s important to begin preparing as soon as you find out your child will be taking the exam. It’s best to use a variety of practice materials, including workbooks, online games, and more fun activites like board games or flash cards that will build the skills in a way that keeps your child not just learning, but entertained as well.

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