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Michael McCurdy Presents at Advocacy for G&T Education (AGATE) Conference

Michael McCurdy Presents at Advocacy for G&T Education (AGATE) Conference

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - November 11th, 2010

This past weekend Michael McCurdy, co-founder of, presented at the AGATE (Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Education in New York) conference in New Rochelle, New York. Parents and educators gathered to hear gifted and talented experts from all over the nation to go over a variety of topics pertaining to gifted and talented in New York and across the US.

Dr. Karen Rogers, key note speaker at AGATE conference, presents to parents and educators

The keynote address “Communicating Effectively and What to Ask Your Gifted Child” given by Dr. Karen Rogers gave parents insights on how to properly document their child’s progress when presenting to school officials. She also covered an array of studies on gifted and talented class room settings. Overall, the stats she presented supported that having a self-contained gifted and talented classroom was the most beneficial to all students. Although, even having a few hours a week of G&T enrichment for children did make a positive difference as well. No matter how you cut the data, it benefits the child no matter the setting when it comes to further educational enrichment for the G&T student.

The agenda covered incredible content and here are a few of sessions covered during the 2 day event:

  • Practical Strategies for Handling Intensity, Sensitivity, Inflexibility, Perfectionism in Gifted (but challenging) Kids
  • Gifted and Talented Children and the Friendship Factor
  • What Your Child With Gifts or Talents Needs Inside the School, Outside the School, and at Home: A Compendium of Possible Resources and Experiences
  • Gifted and Talented Testing and Assessment of Gifted Children: What Does It All Mean?
  • A Deeper Look Into What It Means to be Gifted and Talented

Parents and Educators Attending the AGATE Conference in New Rochelle, NY

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