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Naglieri Practice Test Resources

Naglieri Practice Test Resources

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 1st, 2012

Many public school systems across the nation offer Naglieri practice test boot camps and other programs to help prepare students for taking the NNAT or the NNAT2. There are also private resources for parents willing to pay to give their children the advantage of having completed practice tests. Of course, there are also free Naglieri practice test resources online.

All of these resources are designed to mimic the real questions that will appear on the Naglieri exam. For many children, these practice tests can be a means of developing the proper mindset and approach to examine visual test questions.  They can actually be fun in addition to productive. Naglieri practice test questions are like visual puzzles and can therefore be a fun learning process rather than a burden for kids. It really all depends on how parents approach the learning process.

Placing too much pressure on kids with Naglieri practice test questions can backfire, causing kids that would otherwise perform well to buckle under the pressure of testing. For this reason, it’s important to make the Naglieri practice test process a fun endeavor and pressure-free.

One of the best ways for parents to ensure they don’t fall into the pressure-placing trap is to use free online Naglieri practice test resources. The lack of financial investment actually removes some pressure from the parents and helps them avoid then placing too much pressure on the kids. 

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