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Naglieri Test Samples for Parents and Kids

Naglieri Test Samples for Parents and Kids

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - March 10th, 2013

How to Prepare for the NNAT

   If you’re invested in your child’s academic future but don’t have the cash for an expensive tutor or other Naglieri test, or NNAT, preparation service, then you’ll need to find other, inventive ways to help your child prepare for taking the Naglieri test.

Naglieri test samples can be found on the internet for no charge on a number of different websites. Blogs hosted by parents who are also invested in their children’s academic futures are an excellent resource for other hints regarding NNAT test prep as well.

 After you’ve had the chance to review a few Naglieri test samples and learn more about the kinds of questions that appear on the exam, you can even get creative and make up games, sample NNAT questions, and fun play activities that will all help your child learn to better apply his or her non-verbal reasoning skills, which is exactly what will be required on the NNAT test and on Naglieri test samples.

 You can also make use of workbooks that contain NNAT practice questions and exercises that will help your child learn the underlying skills necessary to conquer the content on the test. The questions that appear in these workbooks will also help your child learn about the format of the questions so that he won’t be shocked when he goes into the test and confronts the questions on the actual test.

In terms of when and how much to prepare, the best advice is to start early and prepare often. Practice several times a week, so that you aren’t cramming for the test right before it happens. Space your test prep out so that your child doesn’t get burned out, but don’t practice so much that he ends up never wanting to see a practice question again. Either way, stay calm and convey confidence to your child!

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