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Nationwide Changes in Gifted and Talented Testing

Nationwide Changes in Gifted and Talented Testing

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - March 31st, 2012

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As you all know, applications for the nation’s gifted and talented programs, both public and private, have gone through the roof in the past year.  In light of this fact, Gifted and Talented programs NATIONWIDE are instituting a new, highly controversial policy. It’s called legacy testing. While it sounds harmless, the specifics are alarming. Under this new system of testing, the parents and in some cases GRANDPARENTS of the child applying to the program will be tested too! The goal is to see exactly how gifted the child is by averaging the child’s score, the parents score, and in some rare cases, the grandparents score!

Here is a quote from one of the administrators who helped pass this new rule. “With parents these days getting more and more involved with the education of their children, it seems silly to not consider the gifted status of the parents as well as the children. When you get parents on boards, working with PTA’s  and developing relationships with principles and generally impacting the education of their child, it’s important to examine the full package.”

Parents everywhere are scrambling to deal with this, but don’t worry! We now offer a wide range of ADULT services to help make sure you are ready for your G&T test as well : )

Questions will asked will contain chemistry, physics, math, and of course, logic games.

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