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New York City Private School Admissions Process Seminar

New York City Private School Admissions Process Seminar

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 29th, 2012

Karen Quinn, the Testing Mom, along with Victoria Goldman and Maura Wollner from Education First discussing with NYC parents who are considering New York City private schools.

Scores of parents filled the auditorium for our recent New York City Private School Admissions Process Seminar held in mid-town at Hartley House in NYC, In addition to our own testing expert Karen Quinn, the Testing Mom, parents in attendance heard from Education First co-found Victoria Goldman, author of The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools and Selective Public Schools, 6th Edition, and The Manhattan Directory of Private Nursery Schools, 7th Edition, as well as from Maura Wollner, an NYC expert in education, admissions and child development, and a partner in Education First.

This session covered everything from the beginning steps of looking at schools to the sorting and selection process, and just what all of those ERB WPPSI test scores mean! For example, did you know that schools are not looking for high test scores alone? More and more, they want parents who will be able to donate where they can, whether that’s time, resources, or another way. One way you can build that relationship now is by being actively involved in your child’s current education and knowing your family dynamic well enough to know whether a school will be a good mutual fit.

Victoria Goldman and Maura Wollner are two of our favorite NYC private school admissions experts because not only do they have a vast wealth of knowledge about the process, due to years of working within the system, but they are more than happy to share that knowledge with the parents. They have first-hand knowledge of what parents want and need to know, and their knowledge of the WPPSI test (ERB ) and admissions process in combination with Karen Quinn’s knowledge of the specifics of the admissions tests creates an ideal evening for parents who seek the greatest success for their children.

We love hosting these events because it gives our Testing Mom members access to highly sought-after private school and WPPSI-III and WPPSI-IV test experts who are able to give advice and information in intimate sessions like these. It is so important to know as much as you can going into the private school admissions process, especially in New York City, and the better prepared you are for navigating the waters of private school, the better prepared your children will be. And as we continue to branch out nationwide (see you next month, Chicago!), we’ll continue to grow our knowledge base and testing expert network to give our Testing Mom Parent Network the most information possible for their children’s successes.

As always, we reserved about the last half hour of the session for group questions, as well as individual questions for our speakers. We strongly encourage parents to come with questions to these sessions, because if you have a concern about your child’s future, the odds are pretty good that other parents have that question, too! In addition, we did a giveaway for many of our Testing Mom materials, as well as one copy of Victoria Goldman’s The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools and Selective Public Schools. We even gave away one of Karen’s prized board game, IQ Fun Park!

We’ll be back in October with more parent sessions – don’t miss your chance to attend!

To see a recording of this night’s event, please visit our video section on the web site for our Top members!

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