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NNAT-2 G&T Testing Schedules

NNAT-2 G&T Testing Schedules

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - August 6th, 2012

The Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test Gifted and Talented testing process, or NNAT-2 G&T testing, is not mandated on a national level and is therefore at the discretion of each private school board or public school district. Schedules vary from one school to the next and determining the schedule for your child or children requires you seek additional information from the school(s) they attend.

Schools inform parents of NNAT-2 G&T testing schedules but you can also inquire about testing at any time. In fact, some school districts even have special processes for requesting NNAT-2 G&T testing outside the regular schedule, including the New York City schools.

NNAT-2 G&T testing schedules can also be influenced by other factors, including teacher observations and a student’s overall academic performance. In many schools and districts, teachers are permitted to request special NNAT-2 G&T testing outside the regular schedule when they suspect a child has been missed by the standard selection processes and testing criteria. Because there is no mandated NNAT-2 G&T testing schedule, the process of testing outside a standard schedule is at the discretion of the school or school district.

It’s important to realize that many schools only offer testing outside the regular schedule at particular stages in a child’s educational career. For instance, in many schools, the permissible non-prescheduled exams are only offered for first graders and fifth graders. Again, every school sets its own rules for NNAT-2 G&T testing, so in order to know for certain, you should contact your child’s school.

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