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NNAT Test Prep Should be Fun

NNAT Test Prep Should be Fun

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - April 2nd, 2013

The NNAT Test, as an intelligence assessment exam that plays a big role in gifted and talented program admission criteria these days, is a daunting prospect for many parents. In an effort to help with NNAT test prep, there are many parents that push their children like crazy to perform well, including practices like hiring special tutors and sending their kids through gifted and talented boot camps with the intention of boosting their score on the NNAT test.

While every parent wants the best for their children, the frenzy for NNAT test prep activities each year can take a turn for the worse. Kids can get bored with the activities. Worse yet, they can develop anxiety and other negative thinking regarding  NNAT test prep or NNAT formal exams.

Yes, it’s true that your child’s NNAT score is important, especially if it helps determine whether she will be accepted into a prestigious gifted program or private school. And for that reason, you’re right to take NNAT prep seriously. But NNAT test prep should be, at least in part, enjoyable for your child – and for you! Younger children are especially receptive to test prep that’s made into a fun form – such as games or riddles. This helps keep their attention and also lessens the anxiety they feel when it’s time for the NNAT.

To prevent negative reactions and still allow your kids to benefits from NNAT test prep initiatives, you’ll want to ensure that activities remain lighthearted and fun. Kids learn best when they are comfortable and encouraged. NNAT test prep programs that emphasize enjoyment in learning are the most beneficial, especially for younger kids who don’t really understand yet what all the fuss is about with NNAT and other IQ exams.


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