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NNAT Test Scores and Identifying Gifted Children

NNAT Test Scores and Identifying Gifted Children

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - August 9th, 2012

While the NNAT test is among the tools that many schools use to identify gifted students, it is usually not the only one. Most schools, both public and private, used at least two IQ assessment exams and some use several. The reason multiple tests are used in gifted and talented testing for program admission standards is to provide a more comprehensive look at children’s intellectual capabilities.

The NNAT test is a non-verbal abilities exam. It requires no use of verbal, written or spoken language. This format provides students from all backgrounds and ethnic, cultural and language groups the ability to showcase their intellect on equal ground.

Interpretation of IQ assessment test scores is not as straight forward as it may immediately seem, and NNAT test scores are no different. For instance, exceptional performance on the NNAT test and only marginal performance on other exams can mean educators need to take a closer look at the student in question. He or she may well be gifted but may face roadblocks with other standardized IQ tests, like primary language or other circumstantial influences.

For this reason, using multiple IQ tests and including the NNAT test in the mix, can be a means for educators to better understand the IQ assessment scores for some students. It can also be a means to discover the gifted and talented status of a student who otherwise may not perform well on exams or in the classroom. 

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