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OLSAT Practice Online

OLSAT Practice Online

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - March 3rd, 2013

How to get your child ready for the OLSAT

Preparation is a crucial step of any test, but OLSAT prep can be even more essential. The subjects covered by the OLSAT are not traditionally taught subjects such as reading or math, but rather abstract aspects such as comprehension and reasoning. Since the format is something your child may be unfamiliar with, working with them is especially important. At you’ll find a breakdown of study materials based on which level of the OLSAT your child is taking.

However OLSAT practice online is another option, one which many parents find much more convenient. It can also be more interactive and more fun, since lots of online preparation includes things like online games and brain teasers. Base your decision on how your child learns best. The OLSAT, or Otis-Lennon, can be prepared for a number of different ways, which is a good thing!

If you choose online or software-based practice, be sure to cover all aspects which are covered in hard-copy study materials. You can find these materials through many libraries (you may have to specially order them ahead of time), so there’s no need to spend a lot of money. Checking your child’s OLSAT practice online in this manner ensures that they won’t miss any important aspects of the testing process. If you feel your child has a good mastery of a certain subject area, go ahead and skip it – the more time spent on difficult or challenging subjects, the better. But be sure that your child is actually good in that area so that you don’t skip over something that actually requires improvement or at least a little polish! If you have a little extra time toward the end of your test prep, you can circle back around and cover the subjects that your child didn’t spend as much time on.

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Ce Smith

What is the link for the online practice site? Is it a publisher or privately constructed practice site? Thanks in advance, Ce

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