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OLSAT results

OLSAT results

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - January 8th, 2012

The OLSAT test results set sights on placing the students’ accomplishment into perspective. OSALT results include the verbal and nonverbal scores which in turn forms part of the total score. The total score in the OLSAT results is, on the whole, the marker and guide of the learning ability of the students from kindergarten to high school.

Aside from the total score, the OLSAT results also include the SAIs or the School Ability Indexes. These SAI gives percentile ranks depending on the grade level (kindergarten, elementary and high school), age, and scaled scores of the student, as well as the normal curve equivalents. SAIs has a mean of 100, with a standard deviation of 16. Correspondingly, the SAIs specifies the scores of the students as measured with his or her age peers.

OLSAT results also give parents and educators custom-made reports and test results for individual students, or by school or district. OLSAT results are also available online, which helps educators to create reports and analyze data. OLSAT results can also be transferred to your schools through the Pearson Scoring Center or through a web based report

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2 Responses


I do not understand the OLSAT results. We live in CA.

My son is in 3rd grade, but his form at the bottom says he took the
Olsat Level/form E/5? He is in 3rd, not 4th. His age at the time was 9 yrs. 7 mths. Is his age the reason he took the level E test? What does the 5 mean?

There is no SAI score, so I really cannot decipher the data, to determine where he compares to the 132 mark.

The letter I received from OLSAT said he tested above average compared to kids of the same age and also in the same grade. The verbal and non verbal part scores were also above average.

The letter goes on to say…

The cluster analysis presents performance indicators for this student on each of the clusters in the OLSAT. HUH?

Total = 86/7
Verbal – 77/7
Nonverbal – 90/8

Total – 627
Verbal – 613
Nonverbal – 643

Verbal – 21/36
Nonverbal – 26/36
TOTAL – 47/72

I am wondering if he would have done better given the level D test for his grade?
Our school just had us a sign a form if we wanted our kids tested. There was never a mention of pre testing at home, practicing, etc. I wonder if other kids did practice!!!??? My child finds school pretty easy and I would like to see him challenged.

Any interpretation would be appreciated.

I know I asked a lot of questions, but I am hoping you can answer all of them, so I do not have to go to school and speak to the teacher or principal, and be one of “those” parents!

Thank you!

Tracy Mendez

Where do I get the chart to figure the performance by age and by grade?
Where do I get the chart to figure the Cluster Analysis for below average, average, and above average?

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