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Parents Try to Help Children do Better on BSRA Test

Parents Try to Help Children do Better on BSRA Test

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - August 13th, 2011

In following with a trend seen across the nation with regard to all sorts of standardized and IQ assessment testing programs, parents in many locations have begun purchasing private tutoring sessions, BSRA practice test, and other BSRA sample test question tools and resources to help their children perform better on the formal Bracken School Readiness Assessment test each year.

The BSRA is a test that is given to very young children, usually preschool, kindergarten and first grade aged children, in order to measure their learning abilities and their thinking skills in order to see how prepared they are for entering and performing well within a formal public or private school classroom environment.

Parents that are concerned their children will be left behind or will not receive the kind of special attention that they feel they deserve, have begun paying for BSRA test preparation materials and individualized tutoring in order to increase their children’s chances of getting into advanced or gifted learning programs, as well.

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