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Practice Tests for the CCAT™ Exam

Practice Tests for the CCAT™ Exam

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - July 12th, 2014

Thanks to the internet and to parents everywhere who are interested in their children’s academic futures, there are a lot of resources now available for practice questions for the CCAT™ test. Practice sessions can help children become more comfortable with, as well as more adept at, dealing with questions that require the application of reasoning abilities, which is exactly what the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test™ measures.

Online resources for the CCAT test include free and paid services and tools. There are full preparatory materials for the CCAT test for different grade levels and age categories, as well as practice questions appropriate for all ages and grades. Additionally, you can even find online tutorials as well as informative videos, instruction booklets, and other types of prep materials for the CCAT test or similar tests.

With just a bit of research, parents can familiarize themselves with the testing procedures, question types and subject matter that come with the CCAT test. They can communicate with other parents through public forums as well. Other parents are an invaluable resource for leads on good practice tests for the CCAT exam.

It’s important to practice with your child well ahead of the date the exam will be given. As soon as you find out your child will be taking the CCAT test, put together a process for practicing that will leave your child both prepared and at ease. You don’t want to send your child into the test nervous or anxious, as this will increase the chances that your child panics and does poorly on the CCAT test.

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