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Preparing for the CogAT ® Test

Preparing for the CogAT ® Test

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - January 7th, 2015

The CogAT ® Test, or Cognitive Abilities Test™, is a commonly-given cognitive test used to determine whether kids will qualify for their district’s gifted and talented program. There are two versions of the CogAT test: the Form 6 and the Form 7. The Form 7 is newer, issued in 2011, and is being used in more and more schools.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the CogAT test Form 6 and Form 7 comes with the primary level questions, which cover kindergarten through 2nd grade. On the Form 6 test, these questions are verbal and have to be read aloud to the student. On the Form 7, the questions are more non-verbal and reading instructions may not be required. Paper folding questions (also called hole punch) start at an earlier level on the Form 7, beginning in kindergarten.

The CogAT test measures problem solving and reasoning abilities and focuses on 3 main areas: verbal, math, and spatial (or non-verbal).

There are 9 subtests on the CogAT test Form 7, broken up into three larger categories (verbal battery, quantitative battery and nonverbal battery). Here are the subtests and their corresponding category:

Subtest 1: Verbal Classification (Verbal Battery)
Subtest 2: Sentence Completion (Verbal Battery)
Subtest 3: Verbal Analogies (Verbal Battery)

Subtest 4: Number Analogies (Quantitative Battery)
Subtest 5: Number Series (Quantitative Battery)
Subtest 6: Number Puzzles (Quantitative Battery)

Subtest 7: Figure Classification (Nonverbal Battery)
Subtest 8: Figure Matrices (Nonverbal Battery)
Subtest 9: Paper Folding (Nonverbal Battery)

It’s important to find out if your child will be taking the full CogAT test or a modified version, since that could mean they will see a combination of Form 6 and Form 7 questions, or only some of the subtests. If you aren’t told at the outset what type of questions will be on the test, check with someone at your child’s school to see if they can give you some insight.

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where is the pricing?
Cogat for 2nd grade?
Not spelled out very clearly for me…


please send me 100 sample questions of cogAt


please send me 100 sample question of cogAt

Anita Advani

pl send us 100 questions for cogat, and how I am suppose to prepare my child


please send me 100 sample question of CCAT


Please send me 100 samples of cogat test for 2nd grade. Thank you

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