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Preparing for the Naglieri Test

Preparing for the Naglieri Test

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 4th, 2012

The NNAT, or the Naglieri Test, is a non-verbal reasoning and abstract logic exam that is given to students of all ages. It is becoming a more common intelligence assessment test used for determining intellectual abilities and promise in children as young as four and five years old.

While some believe the Naglieri test to be a more difficult intelligence assessment test for younger children, there are also many who think the test is a more accurate tool for measuring intellectual ability and gifted status. For this reason, the NNAT is being added to many school systems’ gifted and talented testing regimens, even for preschool age children.

The Naglieri test questions are more similar to visual puzzles than they are to standard test questions. They are designed to determine children’s rational thinking abilities, reasoning skills and visual acuity and attention to detail.

A child’s performance on the Naglieri test can have lasting implications, with many schools locking children in to the gifted and talented learning path following kindergarten testing. From kindergarten through fifth grade then, children continue on the gifted and talented path.

While parents can feel pressure and many transfer that pressure to their kids, parents must not forget that learning should be fun.  The format of the Naglieri test actually promotes learning fun for many kids, as long as their parents approach the test practice process with a fun-focused attitude, kids will as well. 

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