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Preparing Your Child for the Canada Abilities Test

Preparing Your Child for the Canada Abilities Test

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - May 31st, 2013

Children get nervous when it comes to taking a test like the Canada Abilities Test. They’re mostly scared of failing but that’s because parents and teachers didn’t explain well to them what the CCAT Test is all about.

In order to prepare children for the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test CCAT, parents and teachers must orient them and make them understand. They need to be aware of the CCAT test so they won’t see it as a threat to their education. They need to be encouraged and emotionally prepared for it.

Meanwhile, you can help your child prepare for the Canada Abilities Test by providing samples of what will come out in the test. You can provide simple exercises on verbal reasoning and arithmetic.

For teachers, providing activities for pupils that will develop their skills and abilities can also help them do well in the CCAT test. Once children perform such activities in class, they won’t feel pressured at all and may even find it fun.

It can also be helpful to look around for practice materials. There may be workbooks available that focus on preparing for the CCAT, or that focus on the skills measured by the test. There are also great resources online for children getting ready for tests of all kinds.

Fortunately, the CCAT is a surprisingly affordable test. This is in part because the test can be easily conducted in schools. Parents don’t have to hire a tutor or an expert to administer or score the Canada Abilities Test. Rather, a teacher administers the test, which saves on overhead costs. Often, a special education teacher is in charge of overseeing the exam process. That means you won’t have to spend a fortune to see your child do well.

Check out for sample tests, prep guides, and more.

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