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Preparing Your Child for the CogAT

Preparing Your Child for the CogAT

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - November 27th, 2012

preparing your child for the CogAT Cognitive Abilities Test

Free Ways to Get Ready for the CogAT

While the CogAT is not a test which can be studied for like a spelling or math test, there are several things which you as apparent can do to help your child succeed. A very popular method is practice, and a free cognitive abilities test is a wonderful way to practice. These tests can be found many places throughout the internet. Even if the test doesn’t specify that it was designed for help with the CogAT, it can still help your child develop and fine-tune the skills which the CogAT tests.

Books are also available which address these skills, and these can be helpful for every age level. Look for titles which include the words “thinking skills,” “cognitive abilities” or “cognition.”

Free practice questions can also be found online, and these are another great way to help your child succeed. Remember that it’s nearly as dangerous to over-prepare your child as it is to under-prepare, so keep everything in moderation.

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