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Sam’s story told by the Testing Mom

Sam’s story told by the Testing Mom

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - January 24th, 2015

Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom, whose own son was headed for special education until she cracked the code of early intelligence testing and boosted his score from the 37th to the 94th percentile, will empower you to take charge of your child’s intellectual development, and set him or her up to ace tests and thrive in school.

Karen is best-selling author of Ivy Chronicle and Testing for Kindergarten and co-founder of very popular web site Karen has been a featured expert on school admissions on ABC’s 20/20 and The View and in the New York Times, Forbes, Redbook, Woman’s Day, and more. She is also the creator of IQ Fun Park.

Watch the video below where Karen tells us Sam’s Story.


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This video is very inspirational and motivating for all parents!!

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