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Secrets to Topping Math Tests by State

Secrets to Topping Math Tests by State

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - December 9th, 2013

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Just as the standards of education vary from one state to another, so do math tests. Thus, if you are planning to transfer to another state next school year, these secrets in topping math tests by state will come in very helpful.

1. Preparation is the key. Perhaps the most important factor in acing an exam is giving a hundred percent to preparation, to get that big difference. To start with, develop a timetable for each math concept and stick to your schedule. Jot down important facts and go through your notes from time to time. Most of all, develop a study habit that you are most comfortable with. You can see practice math tests here to help you prepare too.

2. Keep yourself updated. Every now and then, check sources for recent strategies in attacking certain math problems. Research for new trends and approaches that will improve your problem solving. Try out these techniques for yourself and apply them as you see fit.

3. Ask around for relevant information. It really pays to ask people who have gone through math tests by state. Gather as much information about their experiences in taking these tests. Inquire on the different concepts that appeared in the examination as they might surface again in the test that you will be getting. Double your efforts in reviewing these mathematical theories. On the other hand, know the types of tests that are given and make a similar reviewer for yourself to work on.

Math concepts are the same regardless of the state where you are going to take the examination. What is important is how well you know these concepts and strategies in problem solving. With these helpful secrets in mind, you are on your way towards getting more than just a passing mark.

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