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Signs your Child Might Be Gifted and Practice Questions to Find Out!

Signs your Child Might Be Gifted and Practice Questions to Find Out!

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 21st, 2011

There are many of gifts that can’t necessarily be measured with a gifted and talented test. Two examples would be if your child has a musical talent or advanced athletic ability,  which GATE testing doesn’t measure.

Here are 5 G&T practice questions to ask your child!

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 Answers at the bottom.

1. Gifted and Talented (GATE) Practice Question for pre-K to Kindergarten



2. Gifted and Talented (GATE) Practice Question for 1st Grade



3. Gifted and Talented Practice Question for 2nd Grade



4. Gifted and Talented Practice Question for 3rd and 4th Grade



5. Gifted and Talented Practice Question for 5th and 6th Grade








Don’t forget we’re having 50% off our Top 1% memberships through Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011!

Answers to GATE Practice Questions:

1. Picture Analogy/Answer: 2

2.  Follow Directions/Answer: 2

3.  5 – has odd numbers across the bottom

4.   2 All have the same number of sides – 8 on top and 9 on bottom

5.   C – image gettting bigger


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29 Responses


what kind of question does the gifted people ask


I like the questions but can you put the answers too? Please!


Oops I saw them now

no worries! 🙂


Hy I’m a ten year old ,almost 11 .my mom thinks I’m gifted but she doesn’t want to pay for a do I know????


hey guys i`m 11 years old in fifth grade and I`m in the gifted and Talented program if you need any help ask me and I`ll reply as fast as I can. Good luck!


where should I go to find gt questions and answers for free


hi i know i have a weird name. i am in gifted fourth grade class i swear . i go to ps 182 but if you search up online . we share the same kind of math that the regular gen ed classes do what should i do to challenge my brain in a while?

You can sign up for our 100 free questions or for a membership on our site. Once you become a member you have access to Mathletics, Scootpad, Brittanica Smartmath, as well as practice questions for various tests like the Common Core state test and more.

I think this is going to help a lot for the gate test thank you!


I solved all. It did help cause i am taking the tests at school.

i wish it was free

You can sign up for 100 free practice questions here:

Hello i’m also 11 I want to go to gifted

I hope you get into the program. Have you been practicing the test questions? You can find tons of practice on our site.


what’s your website’s name? I am in GATE testing and I need some resourses.


Hello, I have been tested for the gifted program twice and did not pass(3rd and 5th grade). Today, my teacher sent me a letter explaining how I was going to be tested this year(6th grade I am 12 years old) Is this site the right way to go? I have tried to view free sites that are real and not made up. Any suggestions?


hi I am Nabiha I have a gifted talent I am 7 years old an I was wondering if you can make it easyer


These practices are good!


The questions which were given are very helpful for me and these types of questions should be sent to everyone and that is what I think


These questions are really very difficult,important and useful.


Impossible ☺️,great✌

Joanna says:This website helps lots of children to pass tests like for example CoGat.Thats why I like


Umm is there any seventh-eighth grade material

All these questions lean toward mathematical/spatial reasoning. What about children who are gifted in other areas? Right brain? Would like to see some vocabulary/inferencing questions..


it was pretty easy, not to brag, and i only missed #5. who else missed it?


Question 5 should have said “Following the pattern” or a question at the end of the picture indicating progression.


is there 5th grade resources and where are the answer

Thank you for reaching out to us!

Our 100 Free Questions are a great sampling from many of the tests we support. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to access the 100 Free Practice Questions (No purchase necessary):

Go to and log in using your email address and password.
Once you are logged in, click the “100 FREE QUESTIONS” button on the left-hand side of the page Or, you can follow this link: 100 Free Questions.
Once redirected, you will see a large, blue box that reads “FREE QUESTIONS.” Click the orange button that reads “UNLOCK NOW.”

We look forward to having you onboard with us!

Best regards,


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