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Standards Based Tests in Spanish – STS

Standards Based Tests in Spanish – STS

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - July 3rd, 2014

If you’ve heard of standards based tests in Spanish, or STS, you may be wondering what this term refers to. In the state of California, a set of standardized test are administered on a yearly basis. These tests assess the progress of each student as they advance through grade levels. You may know these tests as the STAR tests, the STAR exams or as the Standardized Testing and Reporting exams.

In order to give every student a fair and level playing field, a Spanish-speaking version of the STAR tests has been developed. This test is known as the Standards based Tests in Spanish (STS).

How Testing is Administered

All California Standards Tests (CSTs) are given annually, in the spring of each year. They must be taken within ten days of 85% completion of the school year. In order to qualify for the Standards-based Tests in Spanish (STS), a student must be enrolled in a California school district for less than twelve months. Students who qualify will take the STS test in English language arts when in grades two through eleven, while qualifying students in grades two through seven will take the STS in math.

Helping Your Child Prepare

Standardized testing preparation has become standard for children in all types of schools, not just advanced-placement or gifted programs or courses. Helping your child prepare for the Standards based tests in Spanish or any standardized test can be confusing, but there are plenty of resources to help you and your child along the way.

Ready-made study materials are available, both in bookstores and online. These study materials are available tailored to virtually every standardized test out there, and most are available in Spanish as well as English. You will have the option to choose between hard-copy study materials and those which are software-based. Experts have found no significant difference in the effectiveness of these methods, although some feel that, in this increasingly digital age, encouraging early computer use is beneficial to all children.

Another option is to utilize the free practice questions found online at many different websites. You may need to run these questions through an online translator; currently, very few Spanish practice tests or questions are available.

For more information on the test, you can visit or the California Department of Education’s website. You can also contact the parents of your child’s peers, or speak with their school officials.

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