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Stanford-Binet 5 Used to Aid Premature Babies

Stanford-Binet 5 Used to Aid Premature Babies

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 7th, 2011

The Stanford-Binet test, a long standing measurement used to determine IQ in children and adults, has implications as a rehabilitation tool as well. A study conducted at a Miami, Florida daycare on children who were born prematurely showed that the use of Stanford-Binet testing criteria n a child’s education could actually lead to better development for those born at a disadvantage.

Premature babies often have IQ rating deficiencies even after years of growth and development. The study, conducted in 1990, indicated that with special attention, these children can have the same potential as any other student to achieve normal IQ ratings and even gifted status. 

The use of Stanford-Binet practice test and sample test methodologies was a groundbreaking advancement in the specialized educational efforts for children born prematurely.

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