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State Test Practice Questions

State Test Practice Questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - May 19th, 2014

state test practice questions

If you’re looking for state test practice questions, you’re probably very familiar with the process of standardized test prep. Many parents, however, have become slightly confused regarding state test practice question. This is due, in part, to the state-specific nature of the Common Core tests, as well as the different subjects tested at varying grade levels.

While the Common Core and their related state test practice questions can seem intimidating at first, there’s no need to worry. Here, we’ll review the basics of the test as well as successful test-prep strategies.

Common Core

Common Core subjects include history, social studies, science and math, in addition to the heavy focus placed on English language arts (ELA). These subjects have been identified as those which make up a well-rounded and thorough education. They are also the subjects in which high school graduates are often found to be below average, as well as the subjects (particularly English and math) which college professors and employers expect from a recent graduate. Graduates who are below average in these skills are likely to be overlooked for employment in favor of more thoroughly educated competitors, as well as being frustrated in college classes.

The Common Core seeks to end the trend of below-average graduates by testing these core subjects on a yearly basis, ensuring that no student is advanced without having gained a strong grasp of the curriculum taught in that particular year.

Preparing for Success

State test practice questions are a great way to help your child succeed. You can find a wealth of resources online, such as those at and many other sites.

Using your child’s textbooks is also a great budget-friendly way to help your child prepare for an upcoming test. Since the Common Core battery places a strong focus on ELA, be sure to choose pieces of text which offer both ELA and fact-based questions.

Purchasing ready-made study guides and packages is yet another method of test prep. While these materials can be expensive, especially over time, many parents have found that they are a very effective method of test preparation. You can find study guides in hard-copy and software-based formats. The majority of parents report that a combination of ‘homemade’ questions taken from textbooks, online questions and ready-made study materials tends to yield the most effective results.

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