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The Benefits of CogAT Test Prep

The Benefits of CogAT Test Prep

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - June 23rd, 2013

Introducing your child to the format and content of the CogAT

Some parents decide to use CogAT practice questions for their children, believing practice makes perfect; however, the real reason to use practice sessions in preparation for intelligence assessment tests like the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is to hone your child’s reasoning skills.

While promoting rational thinking and reasoning ability through the use of CogAT practice questions may also achieve the secondary goal of your child earning a higher score on the CogAT exam at his or her school, that achievement isn’t really the ultimate goal. Instead, your focus in offering your child the chance to use CogAT practice questions is to help him or her develop rational thinking abilities.

Reasoning abilities are central to academic success and to everyday life. Kids that learn to think in the same terms that are measured on the CogAT exam are better able to approach and address everyday challenges and problems. In other words, CogAT practice questions can have long term benefits for your child that far outreach whether or not he or she is assigned to a gifted and talented program at school.

The CogAT exam is often used to determine which students will be given a seat in a Gifted and Talented or other special program. The Cognitive Abilities Test can also be used to measure a student’s progress in other areas as well.

The best way to begin preparing for the CogAT test is to start off with questions that your child finds easy. If you are using a practice workbook or other traditional practice questions, it can be a good idea to start with questions a grade or two below your child’s, so that she can get accustomed to the format and general content of the test. Then move on to her own grade, and eventually do some questions a grade or two above your child’s level so that she gets a taste of challenging questions, which may pop up on the test.

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