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The Benefits of Using Free Stanford-Binet Sample Questions

The Benefits of Using Free Stanford-Binet Sample Questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 20th, 2011

The Stanford-Binet test is a widely used and accepted form of intelligence tests for children. The tests have been developed by French psychologist Alfred Binet, and over the years have gone through several revisions and developments. Today the tests are effective in assessing a child’s mental capacities for their age as well as diagnosing any learning disabilities.

There are free Stanford-Binet sample questions found online which are great tools in preparing children for the actual exam but only give a small inkling of what’s on the test. Whether your child is in pre-kindergarten or elementary, the SB-5 practice questions are very helpful in providing your child with the proper practice tools that they need to achieve good and accurate results for the Stanford-Binet test. They can be found online through websites like which are a rich resource of a variety of intelligence tests for children. After practicing sample questions parents can work with their children to identify any problem areas in various cognitive fields.


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