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The Kaufman™ Exam and Reluctant Test-Takers

The Kaufman™ Exam and Reluctant Test-Takers

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - July 14th, 2012

The words “test” and “examination” strike immediate fear into the hearts of many children (and adults). This is usually because they associate stress and failure with tests. The very nature of test-taking can be stressful, if the examinee is overly worried about their performance. In some cases, a bit of “healthy” anxiety can be a good thing…it can sharpen concentration and lead to better scores. However, this is extremely different from true test-taking anxiety, which leads to low scores.

The Kaufman exam was designed with reluctant test-takers in mind. Full-color designs especially appeal to children, and they make the exam more enjoyable for every age group. The test is also non-confrontational, avoiding the “right or wrong” atmosphere which can make testing so nerve-wracking. In fact, in the case of young children, they may not realize that they’re being tested if they’re not informed. Often, children think that the Kaufman exam is simply a fun activity with their teacher. 

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