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Understanding What CogAT Exam Scores Mean for Your Child

Understanding What CogAT Exam Scores Mean for Your Child

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - May 8th, 2013

While the CogAT exam is commonly used to determine if a child should be included in the gifted and talented program at many schools across the country, the test results from the CogAT exam are also used by teachers and administrators in a number of other ways.

The CogAT exam doesn’t just show which students are gifted or advanced in their reasoning abilities. It also shows which students may be lagging behind their peers, which might face other types of learning challenges, and which may benefits from more focused attention in particular subjects or academic disciplines. In other words, assessment like the CogAT exam can be beneficial for all students and not just those who are identified as gifted through this standardized test.

Once your child has taken the CogAT exam, you will be privy to his or her scores. Understanding what the scores mean can be challenging. Don’t be afraid to schedule a time to discuss your child’s performance with his or her teacher, and don’t overlook the internet as a resource for better understanding what your child’s CogAT exam scores actually mean.

 It’s also a good idea to check to see if your school holds informational sessions about the CogAT and how they will score it. These sessions may be held before the test, so keep an eye out as soon as you find out that your child will be taking the Cognitive Abilities Test. These sessions are helpful because they will help you understand how to best help your child prepare for the exam.

Of course, if at all possible, it is extremely helpful to your child’s chances if he or she prepares for the test. Even just looking at practice materials can be a help, since they will help familiarize your child with the format of the test.



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I was curious to know what “Best Stanine: 22.000” means. My school district only revealed this much on the assessments page of the website. This was a test I took back in the Eighth Grade and I only knew I had made it past the threshold for AP classes in High school. I Never knew what exactly that score meant. Could you possibly enlighten me?

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