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Wechsler ERB Test Loses Standing

Wechsler ERB Test Loses Standing

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - August 2nd, 2011

The Wechsler ERB test, also commonly referred to as the WPPSI ERB or the Educational Records Bureau test, which has long been used by many private schools in New York City and throughout the nation, lost some of its standing in 2010, when several schools in NYC dropped the IQ assessment exam from their standard admissions measures.

The ERB test, which is commonly used by private schools to set the bar for IQ results for student admission purposes, has been losing some credibility as more and more parents have hired private tutors and agencies to help their children achieve better scores. While the Educational Records Bureau, the agency that produces and administers the WPPSI test reports that student preparation for the exam has not had sufficient impact on performance come test day, many schools and parents disagree, believing that WPPSI practice test resources and WPPSI sample test questions may be skewing results enough to dismiss the Wechsler ERB as an accurate IQ measure in the future.

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