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What are the Free SB-5 Questions About?

What are the Free SB-5 Questions About?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - April 9th, 2012


The Stanford-Binet intelligence Scale was developed by the French psychologist Alfred Binet. The French government commissioned him to create intelligence tests for children in order to identify which ones had special educational needs. Today, the tests are considered the most accurate when it comes to identifying the intellectual capacity of children whether they are in pre-k or in elementary.

There are some ways you can help your child prepare for the exam, such as by having them take free SB-5 questions that can be found online. There are websites that are great resources for free SB-5 questions and make ideal practice tools for your child. The questions are very similar to the actual Stanford-Binet test, which tests four aspects of intelligence including verbal reasoning, abstract and visual reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and short-term memory. The free SB-5 questions are similar to the actual exam which is composed of both verbal and non-verbal exams, making a total of ten subtests. Free IQ tests are a good way of working with your child to help them identify any problem areas. 

When your child takes the free SB-5 questions ahead of time, it will prepare them for the questions asked in the verbal and non-verbal areas, which will help them achieve better scores. Some of the questions in the verbal domain include fluid reasoning, verbal reasoning, various levels of reasoning, verbal visual-spatial reasoning, and verbal working memory. There are also non-verbal subtests which are composed of non-verbal aspects in fluid reasoning, knowledge, quantitative reasoning, visual-spatial memory processing, and working memory.

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