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What is the SB® 5?

What is the SB® 5?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - June 26th, 2012

The Stanford-Binet® test, also known as the SB® 5, is a modern assessment of intelligence which has a rich history of development and revisions. It is currently known as the SB® 5 because of the various revisions it has gone through, although currently making it one of the most widely used indicators of giftedness or learning disabilities today.

The SB® 5 is a battery of exams which measures cognitive strengths and weaknesses of the subject. It can be helpful in identifying any learning disabilities for children who are as young as 4 years old, although the test can also be used for career assessment in adults. The test makes use of verbal and non-verbal domains to test the following areas: knowledge, fluid reasoning, short-term memory, quantitative reasoning, and abstract/visual reasoning.

The SB® 5 is administered by a highly trained professional usually with a background in psychology or psychiatry. The test also makes use of some blocks or toys which may present a choking hazard for children who are below 8 years old, so careful supervision is always recommended. For parents who want their children to get a head start on the exam, they may make use of free practice IQ tests which can be bought online.

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