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What is the Stanford-Binet all about?

What is the Stanford-Binet all about?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - February 12th, 2012

The Stanford-Binet test is used to evaluate the cognitive abilities of the test taker through a series of tests that make use of both verbal and non-verbal activities. Apart from testing the intellectual abilities of a person, the test is also useful in other studies such as: early childhood assessment, neuropsychological and clinical assessment, educational evaluations for special education, compensation for adults, career assessment, forensics, and others. The test can be given to those who are in kindergarten as well as to adults.

For parents who want to provide their children with free IQ tests, they can avail of sample questions online. They may find the Stanford-Binet test extremely helpful, especially if their child has limited English, communication problems, autism, or is deaf. The test will be able to determine which aspects of intelligence the child has special abilities in, or is lacking, and the results can help them find the appropriate education programs.

The Stanford-Binet test is designed to be easy to take for those of any age, whether they are the elderly or just starting Pre-K. The content is child-friendly, has modernized artwork, and makes use of valid measurement of abilities as well as an enhanced assessment of one’s working memory in its many features and benefits.

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