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What is the Stanford-Binet test and what are the questions like?

What is the Stanford-Binet test and what are the questions like?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - January 10th, 2012

The Stanford-Binet test is recognized as a standard in measuring intelligence. It has been designed to test the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of children and adults alike, and is composed of 10 subtests which measure 5 cognitive areas:  visual-spatial, quantitative, knowledge, working memory, and fluid reasoning.

The Stanford-Binet test makes use of a variety of tools to engage the examinee, such as blocks, toys, and test questions. The first book of the test assesses matrices and vocabulary, while book 2 assesses an individual’s non-verbal capacities which are helpful in evaluating the abilities of examinees who have difficulty with English, communication, or who have learning and/or hearing impairments. Book 3 of the Stanford-Binet test makes use of verbal subtests. When it comes to scoring the results of the Stanford-Binet, administrators can make use of either manual scoring or computerized scores.

The Stanford-Binet is among the most widely-used gauges of giftedness in individuals, but it is also designed with low-end items to identify those who have difficulties with learning. Although it’s not possible to acquire questions asked in the exam, there are free practice IQ tests which can be found online. Parents can make use of these to tutor their children prior to the exam.

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