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What parents need to know about the SB-5 test

What parents need to know about the SB-5 test

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - December 10th, 2012

parents prepare for the SB-5The Stanford-binet test, commonly referred to as the Sb-5, is one of the IQ tests that are administered by schools or clinics to determine if your child is gifted in certain areas of intelligence or if they have any learning disabilities. The SB-5, like other intelligence tests for children, is also used to assess how progressive a child is when it comes to learning, understanding the English language, communicating, or if they are extra gifted in some aspects of intelligence.

The SB-5 is usually administered in a clinical or school set up for kids pre-k and older, and is given by a trained individual in the field of psychology, psychiatry, or in intelligence testing. Some psychologists are trained specifically for administering the Stanford-Binet exam, and they can give good, precise insight to parents regarding how their child is coping. The SB-5 tests both verbal and non-verbal areas, measuring some intelligence across the following aspects: working memory, visual-spatial, fluid reasoning, and general knowledge.

The average standard score of the SB-5 is 100, and has a standard deviation of 15 for composite scores. Parents can ask the test administrator to explain to them in detail what the scores indicate for their child’s future and can give good insight on their learning capacities.

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