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What you need to know about the SB 5

What you need to know about the SB 5

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - July 28th, 2012

gifted girl with pencil taking the Stanford Binet 5

Many forms of intelligence testing have been used over the past few decades to understand various mental processes. It is useful to learn more about how a person can recall information, reasons, and understands, as evaluating these things will have a significant effect on their future.

One of the most popular and effective forms of intelligence testing is the SB 5, which stands for the Stanford-Binet test.  It is administered by a psychologist and or a person who is trained in intelligence testing, and is given to children although is also used in adults to help them determine career choices. The most popular use of the SB 5 is in school placement, and is also used to track the intellectual development of a child.

The beginning of the SB 5 test is comprised of a vocabulary exam, which determines the rest of the subtests to be taken although the age of the subject is also a factor. The test can be accomplished in a total of 45-90 minutes although the number of subtests and the subjects’ age may affect this. Based on the results of the SB 5, psychologists can make specific recommendations to the subject based on their educational or career choices.

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