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When to Let Your Child Take Kindergarten Testing

When to Let Your Child Take Kindergarten Testing

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - April 29th, 2013

Timing can be key

Kindergarten testing is not new to everybody especially to parents. Many schools conduct kindergarten test to interested learners before they’re accepted. Mostly, they’re used as an assessment tool to check your child’s kindergarten readiness.

So when is the right time to let your child undergo kindergarten testing? If your child is currently enrolled in preschool then chances are he or she will take a kindergarten test before moving to kindergarten. There are preschools that conduct the said test to their pupils at the end of the school year. Meanwhile, there are also schools that require learners to take a kindergarten test developed by them before the enrolment period.

But the most favorable time for kindergarten testing is when your child reaches the age of five. By this time, he or she already exhibits characteristics which can be observed and tested. This is where a kindergarten test comes handy. It will help you determine just how ready your child is to take the next big step in the ladder of education.

While kindergarten testing may seem silly, it can actually have a huge impact on your child’s education and even his or her career choices. Even at a very young age, such testing tends to show a child’s strengths and weaknesses. This, in turn, suggests classes and career tracks that are best-suited to your child. Additionally, the tests that are administered in kindergarten can help your child develop his or her critical thinking skills and thus become a sharper, more intellectually curious thinker as he or she gets older.

When preparing your child for kindergarten testing, it’s important to keep it both entertaining and light. Don’t freak your child out or get him or her anxious — you can tell them it’s important to focus, but don’t place undue stress or pressure on them.

Here’s a sample kindergarten test for assessment

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