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Where Can I Find Free CogAT Sample Tests?

Where Can I Find Free CogAT Sample Tests?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 17th, 2012

If your child is facing an upcoming CogAT test and you want to help them prepare, you’ve probably already thought of having them take a practice test. These can be found in many places throughout the internet, and in some cases they can be obtained from your child’s school. If free CogAT sample tests are not offered prior to the test, go ahead and ask your child’s teacher. If there are no samples provided at school, you can find them on your own. Try to stick with reputable websites, to avoid giving your child and outdated sample which won’t prepare them properly.

When using sample tests, always remember to keep the pressure off. Children know that the CogAT is a big test, and this brings anxiety all on its own. Anxiety can lead to poor performance, so be sure that you don’t add to this anxiety and address any worries they already have. 

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4 Responses

I can’t get to the free questions after i sign up?????

Click the red button “buy now” at the very top and that has the page with the 100 free practice questions, including Cogat test sample questions. The questions are in the upper left side. thanks

How long should we be practicing for the CogAT if we are about 4 weeks away from taking the test? I don’t want to burn her out, but I am not sure if we are doing enough. We usually work on it on Fri. Sat. and Sun.

You want to practice the Cogat questions for as long as she’s interested and engaged. Make sure you do variety of questions with the viewable on line on or the ones within our online games. We also have a Cogat testing survival guide available on Amazon so you can get that as well.

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