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Where to Find STAAR Practice Questions

Where to Find STAAR Practice Questions

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - December 8th, 2014

Are you preparing for the STAAR test and looking for STAAR practice questions? Well you must be aware by now just how vital it is to get a high score in this assessment test. Your final grade is at stake and so are your chances of graduating with honors or getting into a good college. In order to score high in this test, reading your notes is not enough. What you need are some STAAR questions and other resources.

The STAAR or State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness started only last year but it already has a great impact among students, teachers, and parents. As a matter of fact, those who will be taking it soon actually fear this test. It’s only normal because one’s score can affect his or her final grade. Now this is one of the key features of the STAAR test that differentiates it from other assessment tools out there.

Fortunately, it’s not so hard to get a good score. Nowadays, you can find almost anything online such as a collection of some STAAR practice questions – here’s one example: There are education websites such as this that allow users to download practice test items and use them for review. The good news is they’re free of charge too! You can download and print them out so you can go over them every now and then.

Aside from the internet, there are also printed materials like books that include STAAR test preparation tips, study techniques, and sample STAAR exams. You can purchase them in local bookstores or order them online.

Perhaps the most practical thing to do to know what will come out in the STAAR is to ask students who already took the test. These students can give you an idea of what the test is like, what are likely to come out, and how they prepared for it. Teachers too are knowledgeable about this test and since it’s conducted every year, they have already prepared some STAAR practice questions to share with students like you.

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