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Who administers the Stanford-Binet® test?

Who administers the Stanford-Binet® test?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - June 10th, 2012

The SB® 5 test is given by a psychologist or highly trained administrator with experience in intelligence testing. Because the test is specialized and requires specific knowledge in interpreting the results, administrators usually go through training in order to administer the exam. They also have the capacity to make recommendations on education and career based on the results of the exam.

The nature of the Stanford-Binet® exam exposes the examinee, who is usually a child, to take the test in the presence of the administrator, who is a stranger to them. This may pose some limitations to the effectiveness of the exam, especially when the children are young because they be cautious of strangers. Children also have short attention spans and may have inconsistent results when asked to perform in unfamiliar settings, which is why some parents also prefer to have their kid practice the IQ tests ahead of time. Free IQ practice tests can be obtained online and are great tools especially for children who are extremely shy; this will allow them to get used to the type of questions and activities that are asked of in the SB® 5 test.

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