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Who gives the Stanford-Binet test?

Who gives the Stanford-Binet test?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - January 4th, 2012

SB5 Stanford-Binet examIf you want to understand your child’s cognitive processes and his abilities in expressive language, memory, and thinking skills, you may want to administer the Stanford-Binet test. This test was developed by French psychologist Alfred Binet, which was originally used by the French government in determining children who have special needs. Today it is a widely accepted form of intelligence tests for children when measuring their cognitive abilities and identifying children who are gifted with special types of intelligence.

The Stanford-Binet test is administered to children at various ages, and can be given to those who are in pre-k as well as grade 6 and older. The questions on the test are closely guarded by the psychologists, as they are responsible for administering the exams and interpreting the results. Specialized proctors also give the test if they have the background and training in individual intelligence assessment as well as psychology.

For parents who want to give their child practice for the Stanford-Binet test, they can make use of free IQ tests with questions that closely resemble those in the exam. They make great guides in preparing your child and will help them achieve better scores.

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