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Why Did My Child Score Poorly on the KBIT-2 Test?

Why Did My Child Score Poorly on the KBIT-2 Test?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - February 27th, 2012

If your child has taken the Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test-2 and scored lower than you were expecting, it’s understandably frustrating. After all, parents want their children to do well on intelligence tests, especially if they suspect that the child may be gifted. However, don’t panic over a low Kaufman exam score. There are several reasons, some which have nothing to do with intelligence, as to why your child may have scored the way he did.

 Anxiety is the biggest element when it comes to a suspiciously low KBIT-2 test score. This is the case with any test, in fact. When a child is anxious, they react more slowly or impulsively. They may daydream as an escape from the anxiety, and not pay attention to the test. They may simply want the test to be over quickly, and answer without even thinking.

No matter what the reason, in most cases the KBIT-2 can be re-taken. Depending on your area and your testing facility’s regulations, you may have to wait, but talk to administrators to find out for sure.

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