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Why is My Child Being Given the CogAT Test?

Why is My Child Being Given the CogAT Test?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - September 13th, 2011

Children are selected to take the CogAT when teachers want to learn more about their abilities.

If you’ve received notice (or a permission form to fill out) from your child’s school regarding the administration of the CogAT test, you may be wondering why this test is being administered. In most cases, the CogAT is given to all students in a class, as a method of discerning general cognitive ability, identifying students who are eligible for gifted or talented classes, and identifying students who may need extra help to keep up with their peers.

If your child is being singled out to receive the CogAT, there could be several reasons. Your child’s teacher may have taken notice of your child’s abilities. This could mean they suspect your child is gifted and may qualify for enrichment classes. It could also mean they have reason to believe that your child may benefit from supplemental education in the form of special classes, tutoring or at-home study. You know your child best, and so this should be an easy discernment for you to make.

Regardless of the reason, the CogAT test is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to get a thorough picture of a student’s cognitive abilities, particularly those which directly impact education and learning.



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