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Why Should I Use Free Sample Questions for CogAT®?

Why Should I Use Free Sample Questions for CogAT®?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - July 16th, 2012

For many parents, the thought of their children taking the CogAT® unprepared is a scary one. After all, it’s a big test, and can determine things like placement in gifted or talented classes. It’s only natural to want your child to do their best, and free sample questions for CogAT® are a great way to help them achieve the best possible score.

You can find free sample questions for CogAT® on the internet. Beware of sites which claim to offer full sample tests for CogAT®, as these are often unreliable. The CogAT® is protected and confidential, and this confidentiality is in place to ensure students don’t cheat their way to a good score. The test is designed to be administered with no “studying.” Your child will not be at a disadvantage if they don’t take a practice test. A few sample questions should be used in the spirit of familiarizing students with the test format. 

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