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Sample Tests: Why Should I Use Them?

Sample Tests: Why Should I Use Them?

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - October 19th, 2012

CogAT sample tests

Using free CogAT sample tests is a popular way for parents to help their child prepare for an upcoming test.

Some parents believe that their child should approach the test fresh, with no preparation. This is a matter of preference, and shouldn’t be influenced. But only you know your child better than anyone, and so only you can truly say for sure how much preparation will benefit them. Take some time to sit with your child doing an educational activity and try to gauge where their strengths and weaknesses lie in terms of skills. If you find that they are deficient, you’ll want to give them some practice materials for focused practice on those specific skills and subtests.

If you do choose to explore free CogAT sample tests, try and keep the experience pressure-free for your child. If they’re very young, simply explain that they have a test coming up which you can help them prepare for. Older children will, of course, require less explanation, btu they should still be reassured that there’s no undue pressure on them to perform well. Pressure usually leads to the opposite reaction…children become anxious and do worse on the CogAT than they would have otherwise.

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