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Give Your Children the Education They Deserve: Why Tutoring Services Matter

Give Your Children the Education They Deserve: Why Tutoring Services Matter

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - August 31st, 2021

A few years ago, I decided to give yoga a try. I was sick of paying for a gym membership I never used and running just isn’t my thing. I had heard of all of the great health benefits of yoga, so I looked up studios in my area. I found one with a class at a time that worked perfectly for me. So, I showed up full of excitement for my first class with a brand new yoga mat rolled up under my arm, ready to break in my Lululemons. I was pumped.

The class was happily abuzz with other women around my age, and the soft music in the background put me instantly at ease. But as the class began, I realized quickly that I was in over my head. This class was for yogis with some experience, not for beginners like me. I was surrounded by other women who knew exactly how to pose in warrior 1 and downward facing dog. They looked like a group of elegant Renaissance sculptures, the epitome of strength, calm, and focus.

But me? I looked like a sweaty, broken Bavarian pretzel.

At the end of class, I quickly rolled up my mat and high-tailed it out of there. When I got home, I took another look at the studio’s class schedule. I decided that I would try a class for beginners next time. One that would teach me the foundations of yoga that I could use for more advanced classes when I was ready.

And that got me thinking about my daughter Abby’s upcoming fifth grade school year. It’s her last elementary grade before entering big, scary middle school, a place where she will delve into more advanced math concepts and more sophisticated writing skills. What if she is in over her head like I was at my first yoga class? What if she didn’t build a strong enough “beginner” foundation last year while learning completely online? Or worse, what if her fifth grade teacher isn’t really an expert in any of the core subjects? Most elementary teacher training programs require lots of courses in methodologies and best teaching practices. And there truly are so many amazing elementary school teachers out there. But many have just a general knowledge of math, English language arts, science, and social studies, not an expertise in any one subject. What if her teacher this year is a teacher of all but a master of none?

Abby is lucky. Her mom and dad are live-in tutors and experts in teaching strategies and the core subjects. But what are parents to do when it is obvious that their children aren’t getting the top-rate education that they deserve?

My advice: Hire an expert tutor.

Whether your child is showing a math deficit, needs some preparatory tutoring for an upcoming exam, or is gifted and needs more challenging coursework beyond his grade level, Testing Mom’s got you covered! We have a variety of tutors and tutoring services that specialize in math, science, reading, writing, kindergarten readiness, standardized test prep… literally all of the subjects your child needs. Your Testing Mom tutor can even administer a diagnostic to your child first to assess his strengths and weaknesses and create an individualized tutoring plan that will help him reach his specific learning goals.

Not sure what your child’s learning deficits are? Sign your child up for Testing Mom’s English language arts & math mini-assessments, or our writing diagnostic that assesses your child’s short answer and multi-paragraph writing skills in response to text. These assessments pinpoint specific challenges your child faces with writing and allow our tutors to create a learning plan that will give your child the academic boost he needs.

So give Testing Mom a call today and get your child started. We are happy to help, because no kid should ever feel like a broken Bavarian pretzel.

Check out Testing Mom’s tutoring services today by clicking here!

Heather Wood

Heather Wood is a certified teacher with more than 10 years of experience and a tutor/teacher for She is mother to her 10-year-old daughter who attends public school, and a homeschool mother to her 8-year-old son who has special needs.

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