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WISC®-IV vs. WISC-V Tests

WISC®-IV vs. WISC-V Tests

posted by Karen Quinn, The Testing Mom - February 19th, 2015

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Parents across the country are beginning to hear about the WISC-V Test, the latest version of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children.® The WISC-V replaces its predecessor, the WISC-IV, which has been used for years as an IQ test given to kids between age 6:0 and 16:11.

The newest version is similar to its predecessor in many ways, except that the Picture Completion and Word Reasoning subtests have both been dropped from the exam. Which subtests a child will take depends in large part on their school district and the purpose for which the test is being given.

In any event, if your child is taking the test, it’s important to check on whether they’ll be given the WISC-V or the WISC-IV. Many school districts may still use the older version of the exam, as it often takes a few years for previous test versions to drop off the testing map entirely.

Once you’ve determined which version of the test your child will be taking, you’ll need to get to work with a comprehensive practice strategy. The first step in this is assessing which areas your child is already strong in. Since the test covers a number of different areas that measure different skills, it’s likely that your child will be naturally better at some than others. The subtests on the WISC-V include verbal comprehension, working memory, processing speed, learning and memory, fluid reasoning, and visual spatial reasoning. You’ll probably have an idea of which ones are your child’s forte before you ever sit down to practice (for example, if your child is strong verbally, they’re likely to do better with verbal comprehension than visual spatial reasoning).

You’ll want to spend more time in the areas where your child is struggling. Be sure to use a variety of materials to keep the prep fun for your child. Especially if you start early (as you should), test prep is a marathon, not a spring. Make sure your child doesn’t burn out early.

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