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"Blockchain Technologies in 2024!" (3rd-10th Grade)


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Class Details:

  • Ages: 8 - 15
  • 3rd Grade - 10th Grade
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Join us for our 2024 Blockchain Technologies course covering the newest waves in crypto poised to make a mainstream impact. The blockchain landscape evolves rapidly, with innovations launching constantly that promise to shape the future of decentralized technology.

This class condenses the most vital updates in the decentralized landscape over the past six months into four information-packed sessions. Fast-track your future readiness - Stay Ahead of the Crypto Curve in 2024! Enroll Now!

During our 4-day session, we will get you up to speed on: 

  • Surging DeFi applications like automated market makers and staking services
  • Emerging trends like GameFi are creating digital economies in virtual worlds
  • The scalability solution “LINK” allows blockchains to interact securely
  • Using crypto to reimagine physical infrastructure and assets like real estate
  • Behind the hype on crypto coins like Blast that exploded in 2023
  • The regulations around blockchain anonymity amidst government crackdowns


*Class Enrollment Disclaimer*

At Testing Mom, we strive to provide the highest quality educational experience for all our students. If a class does not meet the required minimum number of enrolled students, rather than canceling the class entirely, we reserve the right to modify the structure of the sessions. In such cases, the affected class may be transitioned into a "personalized accelerated format." This modification aims to maintain the integrity of the curriculum while providing a more personalized and intensive learning experience for enrolled students. Please don't worry; the quality of the class content and instruction will remain consistent, and any adjustments made will be in the best interest of enhancing their learning journey.


Important Note: Our system will send you the link to join the class 30 minutes before the start time of the class.






Abhijeet H.

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Instructor's Bio:

Abhijeet has been involved in the programming and teaching sector for several years.  He has worked with the brightest minds on wall street (Quantitative Researchers), and created AI (Machine Learning) Algorithms that analyze stock data, and give recommendations.  He has also spent a lot of his time volunteering, and working with gifted students, and helping kids as young as 5 years old, and has been teaching them programming for several years.  He has taught students that had no idea how to program, and they went on to win programming competitions.  As of right now, he still works as a teacher for a private school, and still works with Quantitative Researchers on a daily basis.


Educational Background, Degrees, Licenses:

  • The University of Waterloo, B. Math Majoring in Statistics
  • Completed several coding courses on Machine Learning & Neural Networks
  • Currently Works as a Data Scientist at a Quantitative Research & Risk Firm
  • Created Brand New Python Courses for Private Schools


What I Tutor and Teach:

  • Python 3, R, SQL, Scratch, Roblox, JAVA, HTML.


Fun Facts: 

  • Some of the kids I've taught Python & Scratch have gone on and used what they learned to create mods for Minecraft.

Jennifer says:

The instructor was very engaging and helpful. We loved the email reminders so we could be on time. My son learned so much and can\'t wait to take another class with this instructor. Excellent communication between the instructor and students. The instructor made the class easy to understand. Python is \"real\" coding. My son was excited to create a game with moving parts. 

Yulei says:

Just want to pay some compliments to Mr. Abhijeet H. Jason loves his classes. He laughs at whatever he says. It really helps to keep him learning. Thanks!

Rithu says:

My son has really enjoyed this class!

Theresa says:

My child thought the class was really cool, and the quiz a lot of fun.

Jonathan says:

Great Python beginners class - hoping to continue to the next level. Excellent instruction that my child very much enjoyed. Thank you! My child loves his instructor, Abhijeet H. This was the same instructor for his advanced 6/7th grade math class - which he also loved.

Vienna says:

My son was introduced to new math concepts he didn’t know and he had fun. I like that he is challenged and wasn’t intimidated. He felt that it was both easy and hard. And he enjoyed it. It is a good way to keep our children engaged. Once my boys learn something, they think they know everything. Only being in this group class, did they realize they need more learning.

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