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Fremont Unified School District GATE Program

What is the Fremont Unified School District Gifted & Talented Program?

Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) provides Gifted and Talented Education to students in grades 3-12 in all of its schools.

Known as the GATE program, Fremont’s Gifted and Talented Education is designed for students who fall within the top two to three percent of one of the following areas: high achievement, specific academic aptitude, leadership, creativity, visual and performing arts.

Further Information about the Fremont Unified School District GATE Program

Fremont Unified School District’s (FUSD) GATE Program provides enrichment opportunities, typically with GATE-certified teachers, for elementary students. These include special full-time classes for gifted and high achieving students, part-time classes where gifted students are grouped together, as well as regular mixed ability classes at different times throughout the school day.

Gifted junior high and high school students in FUSD participate in GATE/HONORS classes in various subjects that hone their high level thinking skills and provide appropriate challenges. Students may also take advantage of AP courses. Students must maintain A or B grades to enter and remain in these programs.

Eligibility Information

Students are identified for the FUSD GATE program after being referred by a teacher, principal, counselor or parent. Students are universally assessed in 3rd grade for identification, although parents may opt out of assessment. FUSD does not accept private testing results. Criteria of eligibility are then examined for screening, including:

  • Teacher recommendations
  • Group achievement tests
  • Grades
  • Samples of work

While some students can be identified on the basis of these instruments, others may require additional evaluation measures, such as individual intelligence tests.

Students not identified for GATE in an earlier grade may be nominated for identification in the 5th and 6th grades. Teachers and/or parents must submit a completed nomination form to the site administrator. Untested students in 4th or 5th grades who are new to Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) may opt to be tested upon submission of a letter request by a parent.

CogAT testing was discontinued in February 2020 for budgetary reasons. Updates to the process of identifying students for the FUSD GATE program are pending and expected to be released in Spring 2021.

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