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Is preparation really necessary for these tests? If parents prepare their child for testing using the test prep game or the workbooks, how can we make sure we aren’t overdoing it and stressing our child out or putting them in danger of being disqualified?

Preparation for the SAT/ACT exams for high schoolers is not “necessary.” However, there are likely very few parents who do not, at the very least, purchase a basic practice book for their child to use for these important college entrance exams.  Similarly, while preparation for early childhood entrance exams may not be “necessary,” why would we not help prepare our children for these testing experiences – testing experiences that play a large role in determining whether a child will be considered for admission to a desired school or program?

It is important to keep in mind that “preparation,” especially for very young children, must be fun, interactive, and engaging.  Children learn through exploration and play; therefore, even though it may be called “preparation,” essentially what parents are doing is playing games with their children.  If parents are stressed out about the test, children will be stressed out.  It’s that simple.  Parents should try to follow the child’s lead in terms of his/her interests and keep the games and activities as fun as possible.

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